One small step for giant leap - for the planet?

At Return2Sector, we're all about making e-cycling "easy"...we believe it shouldn't be hard to do the right thing for our environment.  That's also why we decided to ask each of our users (we con't call them customers, since we are a free service) to pay it forward, and take one more easy step on their own.  

Stapled inside the "Thank You" card we give to every business owner, complex manager, IT manager, or anyone who calls us out to pick up old electronics, is a packet of pollinator friendly sunflower seeds.  In case you haven't heard, honey bees and other pollinators could use a little help from their human friends - click here to learn more about the problem, and what you can do.  The choices we make, individually, as business owners, as students, as neighbors in a community, do matter...and they add up to have big impacts.  What can you and/or your business do today, to take "one small step" in the right direction?

Pollinator Hero, Cindy Jordan of Trendline Interactive in Austin, Texas - with sunflowers grown from an R2Sector "Thank You" seed packet!

Pollinator Hero, Cindy Jordan of Trendline Interactive in Austin, Texas - with sunflowers grown from an R2Sector "Thank You" seed packet!

Announcing R2Sector's Support of Rainforest Partnership

We are pleased to announce that R2Sector will be dedicating a portion of our ongoing profits to the Rainforest Partnership, an Austin based international non-profit committed to protecting tropical rainforests.  We wanted to support a local organization with global impact that met two very important criteria: 1) a high level of integrity in the performance of their mission; and 2) a realistic approach to solving environmental problems.  We did our research, and Rainforest Partnership is a perfect fit!

RP and its staff, passionately led from the front by Executive Director Niyanta Spelman, authentically believe in their cause, and implement pragmatic bottom up solutions to protect the ecologically vital Amazon rainforest.  Even better, the organization does so by partnering with indigenous communities in a respectful, compassionate way that creates economic benefits for local communities. 

RP's approach is a formula for lasting, sustainable change...not just a temporary feel-good fix.  If you want to do something real to protect the environment, and at the same time help the people who live there, your support of RP will be time and money well spent.

We are proud to financially support the Rainforest Partnership, and look forward to enthusiastically supporting their environmental efforts in the years to come.  You can learn more about what RP is doing, and donate today at  

It's easy to request a free e-cycling visit!

R2 Sector is preparing for opening day on Earth Day (April 22).  Meanwhile, you can easily and quickly get your neighborhood, school, dorm, business or any organization on the list for a free visit by our truck and helpful e-cyclers! Just email us at and we'll even help you announce our visit to make sure everyone knows where and when our truck will arrive. 


A Problem You Can Easily Help Solve

You can make a difference.  Your choices as an individual matter.  This is especially true when it comes to the environmental and human health impacts caused by society's growing production of e-waste.

That's why our goal at Return2Sector is to make responsible recycling of old electronics an easier choice for everyone.  The environmental damage and toxic pollution created by global e-waste is a huge problem - but it's one of those problems you can easily help solve by choosing to responsibly recycle your own used electronics.  Non-profit organization Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) summarizes the problem this way:

Used electronics are one of the fastest growing segments of the waste stream. Electronics contain materials that are potentially hazardous to the environment and human health if not handled responsibly.

Mercury, Cadmium, Phosphors, Lead and other metals common in electronics, as well as plastics and flame retardants, can contaminate the air, water and soil if sent to a landfill, or otherwise irresponsibly disposed of. Many of these materials are also known to cause birth defects, neurological impairments, respiratory illness, cancer, or other serious ailments in humans or animals exposed to these substances.

The explosive growth in technology consumption has created a monumental challenge: the proper management of used electronics in both the developed and the developing world.

The issue of e-waste and its impact environmentally and on human health has been written about extensively - click here to read a good article by Wired online about the increasing problem.  

Fortunately, this is a global problem you can easily do something about right here in Austin, Texas.  Use a responsible E-cycler in your community who is certified by a third party (we are!).  Most programs, such as R2, require that certified recyclers trace the final disposition of all materials they receive.  This way, you can be sure they aren't just sending your old electronics overseas, and creating the same environmental and human health problem for another community.  

Contact us today to schedule a free visit to your dorm, apartment complex, office building, or school.