Return2Sector is an Austin based e-cycler with one goal:
"to make responsible recycling of old technology easier for everyone"


What Happens to the Electronics I Recycle? Return2Sector follows a strict a reuse/recycle hierarchy, resulting in the lowest possible environmental impact.  Items not eligible for reuse are broken down and returned to industry as raw materials through our certified "end of life" recycling program.  Since 2004, we have sent hundreds of tons of metals and plastics back to the manufacturing supply chain, and not a single item, component or part has ever been sent to a landfill.

Why Can I Feel Good About E-cycling with Return2Sector? 100% of the materials we take in through our e-cycling programs are identified, controlled, and then reused or recycled through our certified "cradle to grave" materials management system.  We also believe in running our business with the least amount of environmental and human impact possible, so we obtain third party audits of our sustainability, quality and workplace safety management systems.  We care about the environment, our community, and our people.

Can I Get a Certificate for My Items? Absolutely! Whether you bring items to an onsite e-cycling visit, or drop off at our facility, we can provide a receipt showing items have been placed into Return2Sector's certified responsible recycling process, and even offer you the ability to track an item to its final downstream disposition.    We can provide data destruction certificates for any data containing devices.

Do You Charge for Mobile Visits? No, our onsite e-cycling service is completely free.  

Can't I Just Put My Old Electronics in the Trash? Usually, no.  In many cases, applicable laws require proper disposal of items containing certain components or materials.  There are serious problems caused by e-waste making its way to landfills or irresponsibly recycled by individuals and companies who are not properly certified.  

What Kinds of Items Do You Accept? Almost all used consumer or industrial electronics can be recycled or reused, whether working or not.  Please contact us to inquire with specific questions.  We do not accept appliances, smoke detectors, thermostats, or exit signs.  


Year Opened
2004 (to industry)
2015 (to everyone)

EnvironmentalSafety & Quality Certifications
ISO 9001
TL 9000

Return2Sector is the electronics recycling division of Sector Supply LC, a provider of ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 R6 professional asset recovery services to the ICT industry's largest companies.


A short tour of our Austin, Texas HQ, Test Lab and repair facilities where all e-cycled items are sorted, tested, and tracked through our certified responsible recycling programs.