Announcing R2Sector's Support of Rainforest Partnership

We are pleased to announce that R2Sector will be dedicating a portion of our ongoing profits to the Rainforest Partnership, an Austin based international non-profit committed to protecting tropical rainforests.  We wanted to support a local organization with global impact that met two very important criteria: 1) a high level of integrity in the performance of their mission; and 2) a realistic approach to solving environmental problems.  We did our research, and Rainforest Partnership is a perfect fit!

RP and its staff, passionately led from the front by Executive Director Niyanta Spelman, authentically believe in their cause, and implement pragmatic bottom up solutions to protect the ecologically vital Amazon rainforest.  Even better, the organization does so by partnering with indigenous communities in a respectful, compassionate way that creates economic benefits for local communities. 

RP's approach is a formula for lasting, sustainable change...not just a temporary feel-good fix.  If you want to do something real to protect the environment, and at the same time help the people who live there, your support of RP will be time and money well spent.

We are proud to financially support the Rainforest Partnership, and look forward to enthusiastically supporting their environmental efforts in the years to come.  You can learn more about what RP is doing, and donate today at